Customer Service


Payment by credit card

When proceeding to the purchase you can choose to make the payment with credit card or debit card

The accepted cards are the following: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and JCB. If you are using a prepaid or one time use card remember to keep it after the purchase, since it may be of use for an eventual return. 

We guarantee that every purchase will be processed under maximum security. The payment information will be collected through an advanced and secure SSL encryption. Our online store utilizes VeriSign secure server and an ATW certificate to guarantee the maximum protection of personal data.  

Payment with PayPal

To utilize this method of payment it is necessary to open a PayPal account. 
Once the details of your order have been confirmed, you will be redirected to the PayPal login page in which you will be able to access your account to conclude your payment. 


Invoice and VAT

When you proceed to checkout, it is necessary to provide your invoice address that corresponds with that indicated for the shipping.

If the information does not correspond, deselect “The invoice and delivery information are identical” to insert the name and address of invoice. 

The VAT is already including in the indicated price. 

The charging of the payment 

For orders purchased by credit or debit card, the total will be charged at the moment of shipment. The total of the merchandise being shipped will only be charged. 
For orders purchased via PayPal, the charge date will correspond with the order date. 

The charge to your account will be seen as AMBRA INTERNATIONAL s.r.l


Reimbursement to credit card 

Once we have received your return and verified that all of the prerequisites have been respected, you will receive a confirmation email. 

The reimbursement will be valued the same date of the acceptance and effected on the credit or debit card used for the purchase. 

The time it takes to view the transaction depends on your credit or debit card company’s policies. 

Reimbursement to PayPal

Once our warehouse has received your return and verified that all of the prerequisites have been respected, you will receive a confirmation email from [email protected]

Upon the acceptance of the return, we will put into effect the reimbursement to your PayPal account, which will be visible within the following 24 hours. 

The date of effective reimbursement to your credit card linked with your PayPal account will depend on your credit card company’s policies.  


Express Shipping

Delivery within 1-2 working days



The website should automatically recognized in which country you are connecing fromThe order must be made directly from the country site in which the merchandise will be shipped to. Orders made on a country site different than that of which the merchandise will be shipped to, or to an address that is not accepted by our shipping courier (PO boxes or post restante), will be automatically cancelled.


You may follow the shipment of your order through the Tracking Number given by the DHL courier. Find the Tracking Number of your order either within the area “My Order” or in the confirmation email.

It is possible for the registered users to check on the status of their order via “My Account.” The courier delivers from Monday – Friday during office hours and it is not possible to arrange an appointment. The courier will attempt to deliver the package for two consecutive working days, leaving each time a notice in which you can find a contact number. 

Order not successfully delivered will be returned to the sender. 


You can find all of the details regarding the terms and conditions of return within the section “Make a Return.”

You may return the merchandise purchased on our site by completing this Return Form within, and not after, 14 days of the delivery of your order.

We reserve the right to refuse any communicated returns or any merchandise sent back not within the given time frame and, also, any merchandise returned not in same condition in which they were received.

Insert the relative product number of the merchandise that you would like to return. 



You may return any item purchased on our website within 14 days upon receiving the merchandise.

Here’s how:

• Assure that the merchandise you wish to return is in the same condition in which you received it with all of the tags attached.
• Complete the Return Form online to receive the return number.
• Prepare the package and attach the printed and prepaid DHL label onto the package (you may use another box other than that in which the merchandise was shipped only if it is of the same dimensions) in way that it covers the information of the previous shipment. 
• Schedule the pickup of your package at the address of your choice. Contact DHL, via telephone or online, to organize the date and address of the pickup. 

The reimbursement that you will receive will consist of the cost of the items returned.  For our return service, a forfeit sum will be withheld that equals the initial shipment charges. If you prefer, you may also choose a carrier other than DHL. In this case, the risk of stolen or missing items will be your liability. 

You will receive a confirmation email once we accept your return, within 3 working days ofdelivery in warehouse.  

We remind you that we may reimburse only merchandise returned properly. If your return does not satisfy the listed conditions, we may not follow through with the reimbursement and the package will be shipped back to you. 

You may always verify the status of your return in the section, “My Return” or with your tracking code provided by DHL, which you can find on the printed on your copy of the printed label. 

We remind you also that:

• At the moment we are not able to offer the exchange of merchandise. 
• You may ship you return only from the country in which you made the order.
• If you lose the printed return label, you may ask the DHL courier to bring one at the moment of pickup containing the following data: 

Badura Roma

Via Mario de Fiori, 9

00187 Roma

*Select “Standard” shipping, and for the Terms of Payment select: “Charge to the Sender.” Returns are always at the expense of the client, meanwhile shipping is always included. 


After our warehouse has received your return and verified that all of the prerequisites have been respected, you will receive a confirmation email. 


• Purchase by credit/debit card: the necessary time to receive your reimbursement depends on the credit card company’s policies. We inform you that the return date for the credit will correspond with the date of the original payment. 
• Purchase by PayPalthe reimbursement will be available within 24 hours from which you received our confirmation email. 


Insert your return number and click SEND to control the status of your return.



Order Number

Article Number


Refund Channel


I accept terms and conditions above



It is possible to pre-order certain items before they are available in the boutique. You will convenientlyreceive these items at the predetermined address as soon as they are available in our warehouse. 

In the Product Form of the pre-ordered articles you will find also an indication of the estimated date of delivery.

If you order consist of items both already available and unavailable, the merchandise will then be shipped in two separate shipments, but the shipment expenses will be charged only once.
If, instead, you purchase multiple pre-order items with various dates of delivery, then the merchandise will be delivered all together on the latest estimated shipment date.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your merchandise is shipped.

​​How to Purchase

To freely consult our catalog, select a category from the navigation menu, or discover our product selection.

To view all details of every single item, click on details.

Product Page

​​Product Details

Within the Product Page you can find a detailed description of the item, before continuing to the purchase.

Within the section located on the right, you can find a list of all of the available information. You can see an image of the item and further detail by utilizing the zoom option.

​​Adding the product to the Shopping Bag

To add the item to the shopping bag, click on ADD TO SHOPPING BAG.

You may choose to go directly to the purchase and check out, or to continue shopping. 

A reminder that adding a product to your Shopping Bag will not reserve the item.

Shopping Bag 

Within the first page you may select the type of shipment and payment.

The total amount of the order that appears on the first page will be the final and definitive total.

Confirm the data to proceed onto the purchase and checkout.

​​Concluding Your Order

To conclude your order you will have to fill out the page titled DESTINATION with the relevant shipping address and insert you credit card information on the page titled PAYMENT.

All of the data will be summarized in the page titled CONFIRM ORDER.

Your purchase is completed upon arriving to the “Thank You” page, where it will be communicated to you your Order Number. Within a few minutes you will receive a confirmation email in your electronic post mailbox.


Create an Account

To register to “My Account” it is sufficient to insert the requested information and to choose a password. 

Registered users may:

• Save their favorite merchandise on the Wish List 
• Access all of the relative information regarding orders and returns through My Orders.

The registration for My Account is easy and free: Register Now

Modify your Information 

You may update, at any moment, you registration information; access My Account. You are able to change all of your information. Click SEND to save the changes. 

If you forget your password, find the link Forgot your password? in every area of the website in which your information is requested. By inserting your email address in which you registered with, within a few minutes you will receive all of the necessary information via email. 


Wish List

The registered users may save their favorite items in the Wish List. You can save a new item by clicking on “Add to Wish List” on the product form. 

My orders

In the “My Orders” section you can find all of the orders from the registered user. 

You can see the details of each order or of eventual returns, other than verifying the status your shipment with the tracking number.



The Newsletter allows you to discover in advance all of the latest news. 

It is possible to subscribe at the moment of registration to My Account.


You may cancel your subscription at any time through the link Unsubscribe, of which you can find at the bottom of every Newsletter, or upon modifying your preferences in My Account.